Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wake Up!

Utthana Sutta1

Get up!
Sit up!
What's your need for sleep?
And what sleep is there for the afflicted,
pierced by the arrow,

Get up!
Sit up!
Train firmly for the sake of peace,
Don't let the king of death,
— seeing you heedless —
deceive you,
bring you under his sway.

Cross over the attachment
to which human & heavenly beings,
remain desiring
Don't let the moment pass by.
Those for whom the moment is past
grieve, consigned to hell.

Heedless is
dust, dust
comes from heedlessness
has heedlessness
on its heels.
Through heedfulness & clear knowing
you'd remove
your own sorrow.



katy said...

dustcomes from heedlessness has heedlessness on its heels.

fresh. love it.

mike, you said on travis' blog (zen moon) that you're new to poetry (or that poetry is new to you). well, there's definatly potential pent up in your words, as far as i can see.

am pleased to have stumbled upon you, to say the least.

good luck in the jounrey, mike. and if you need company come join us at poets101

Mike said...

Thank you Katy! Your comments mean a lot to me. I plan on dropping by poets101 - thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, and you were welcome to use the photo... (=

Wam Mosely