Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Sable

Today, June 1st, is Sable's 9th birthday! Sable is the brown dog on the right. My parents got Sable when I was 21 and just finishing my undergraduate degree. We had been making weekly trips to the Anti-Cruelty Society looking for a dog, and on one trip, they had just received a litter of Chow-mix puppies. If you've ever adopted a dog, you know that the puppies go fast. We singled out two puppies and, after playing with them for a few minutes, chose Sable. When we brought her home, she wasn't tall enough to jump up from the grass in the backyard onto the 6-inch elevated wooden deck. Now, and this may not be obvious from the picture, she's 90 pounds, and quite capable of leaping up a 6-inch step. And as the picture shows, the Chow in her appears to be a recessive trait. The black spot on her tongue is the primary evidence of that lineage. The dog on the left is Onyx, an 80 pound part-Newfoundland. Sable, Onyx, and Sasha, my parents' third dog, can be seen enjoying themselves here, at the Bark in the Park, a fund-raising walk for ACS.

Happy Birthday Sable! You're the Best Dog!