Saturday, June 10, 2006

Poem: Early Morning

Early Morning
I am awake.
Shadowed black conquers
Pure black—
Ear-sized triangle
Twitches atop the clock,
Green glow
Shines 3:06.
Still, like the
Silvered lake
At windless twilight
Reflects the Goddess
Waxing gibbous.

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Don Iannone said...

Really lovely images, Mike.



Mike said...

Thanks Don!

Cecilia said...

The image is quiet, serene. It had hands that soflty and smoothly glided on my skin, leaving goosebumps behind. Thank you for this soft, yet powerful poem.

Mike said...

Thank you, Cecilia! I am glad you enjoyed it.

Crunchy Weta said...

I like the light in..
"Shadowed black conquers
Pure black"
But heaven knows I'd never set an alarm for 3:06 !

Mike said...

Thanks Glenn!

> But heaven knows I'd never set an alarm for 3:06 !

Nor would I! :) The poem more reflects waking up at that time (for whatever reason) versus actually setting an alarm for 3am. *gasp*

**Silvermoon** said...

Hear from Yasmin's site.
"Twitches atop the clock" stands out but I like the entire night nugget you wrote.As a creature of the night, your lovely words resonate with me. BTW, I love purple, too and use it on my site!
(gorgeous photo,too.)