Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hera and Zeus

I played a new game last night called Hera and Zeus. Since I enjoyed myself and love giving good word-of-mouth advertising to products and services I like, here is a shameless plug.

It's a two-player game in the genre of Greek mythology (if you couldn't tell :)). In the age-old struggle between Zeus and Hera, each has taken a hostage (Zeus has captured Argus and Hera, Io). In this card game, you place cards down on the battlefield (also known as your dining room table) as warriors, as well as use the gods' powers directly out of your hand, in order to simultaneously search for the hostage being held by your opponent and protect the hostage you hold. Strategy abounds with the many different mythological powers available to your gods, but it is not so complex as to bore, or frighten off, the non-strategy gamer. Small elements of luck and psychological intrigue ("Why did he place a card there???") add to the excitement. Plus, the artwork on the cards is beautifully printed. Highly recommended.

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