Tuesday, May 30, 2006

1 Minute 30 Second Meditation

"What is emptiness? That is, what is anything when we take away all our notions and ideas? What is a stick, when I take away all my notions of what it is? We say, 'A stick.' Take that idea away. 'Straight.' Take that away. 'An extension of my hand.' Take that away. What is it?"1

Like peeling an onion. Take away layer...after layer...after layer...after layer of answers. What is it that is seeking progress on your chosen path? Bring yourself into the now, and truly question, "What is it that seeks?"

Take 30 seconds to contemplate, then return.

Did you come up with a "Who" answer? Did you answer "I am seeking"? If you did, take another 30 seconds and question, "WHAT is Who?" "What, truly, am I?"

Take 30 seconds to contemplate if you answered with a "Who" answer, then return.

What is it, then, that truly attains progress? When you feel like you've progressed in your practice, what has progressed? "What is it that attains?"

Take 30 seconds to contemplate, then return.

Don't take the surface answer. Look deeper. Peel away that surface layer. Expose the substratum. "What is it that attains?"

Take a final 30 seconds to contemplate, then return.

Peeling the onion. This is our practice.

1Roshi Bernie Glassman. Infinite circle.


Travis Jay Morgan said...

"Who" is but the form following the function of "what". So how does one define "what". We can not accurately define "what" with words, as words are mere arrangements of tokens organized to create titles which are then placed upon substance. Words should not be mistaken as substance themselves. Words should be understood to be an attempt to communicate the most accurate representation of an individual interpretation of the intended substance at matter. "Onion", "Stick" "layers" are all just labels we've placed on substance. Subtract these labels, these words... and what are we left with... the substance. This substance exists through emptiness. Emptiness... is even empty if emptiness. Now forget everything I've just said, and just be.

Mike said...

Travis: I love your ending. You nicely emphasize the difference between intellectual knowledge of something and a true experience of that same thing.