Saturday, February 24, 2007

Making Good Causes

"It's a matter of making causes. If the causes are good, the result is bound to be good, because all things are born of causes." (Being Dharma, Ajahn Chah)

1-Minute Contemplation: Look back over the last day. What happened to you? Seek to find the causes operative in your life over the past day. Rest assured that you won't find them all--life is too complex to pull that off. But to see even one when we saw none before is a step down the right path.


Travis said...

Since I was born, everything started happing to me, and I started happing to everything. The source of the "causes" operative in my life seems to be my birth. Cheers.

Mike said...

Excellent Travis! Thanks for stopping by. Hope all has been well with you.
In terms of your comment, I ask, what was your original face before you were born?

neonarcade said...

what made you choose my photo?

Mike said...

Thanks for visiting, Aaron. I chose your photograph because it depicts the interaction and intersection between 10 dimensions, which I think provides an interesting backdrop to causality, that I suggest as a meditation in this post.