Saturday, August 19, 2006

Poem: Face in the Mirror

In the mirror I see
Myself not as I truly am
But as I think I truly am. The
Mirror shows me things
False things. People say mirrors
Don't lie. My mirror can't
Tell the Truth. The mirror is
Unlike looking into a polished
Square of aluminum or a puddle
That ripples on black pavement
They reflect distorted views. My
Mirror is perfect
But I see wrong.

I think I see me
but the mirror shows my form,

I think I see me
but the mirror shows my smile,

I think I see me
but the mirror just reflects light,

The mirror needs no polishing
Can Windex erase delusion?

(Inspired by the picture by Miss Sam Duffy)

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Angela said...

great poem, Mike! I think many of us can relate. Thanks for sharing!

Don Iannone said...

Wow! Loved it Mike. I can relate. Mirrors can be tough on our sense of delusion. LOL.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Mike, I loved the complexity in this. It made me think of Ashberry's Convex Mirror. It works perfectly with the illustration. Great job.

Shirley said...

The mind is the mirror of the soul
A picture whose colors deceive
This mirror detects but only reflects
what our eyes are equipped to believe.

Great job Scott!

Shirley said...

OOps! Right comment, wrong name.
Great job MIKE! Sorry :(

katy said...

thank you so much for writing something for the RotB this week!
like angela said, i think lost of people can relate to the piece and the message within it.
i especially appriciate this poem because of the way you inturpreted the painting. i didn't see it anything like in the same light, so this was a real journey for me.
keep up the fantastic work!!

Stiletto Tongue said...

This really made me pause Mike.
And in ways it is hard to read--skillfully mirroring how hard it is to accept our reflection.

Excellent and thank you.

Mike said...

Thanks Angela, Don, Russel, Shirley, Katy, and Y for the kind comments! Katy, that's what made your theme for this week's Ringing so much fun -- to see how differently people viewed the images at Miss Sam Duffy's site!

ozymandiaz said...

The mirror may not lie but it still reflects a perspective which is subjective...