Saturday, September 16, 2006

Guest Blogger: Sojourner

Hello! I'm Sojourner from A Pagan Sojourn. I write about a variety of topics ranging from aspect of Pagan religions to religion in general to thoughts about my own religious journey. I started my blog as a way to organize and keep track of the information that I was learning regarding Paganism. Please feel free to stop on over.

I am a non-traditional psychology student at a major university in Minnesota and currently plan to go on to grad school to obtain my PhD in cognitive neuroscience starting in the fall of 2007. Although my educational background is in psychology, I have a great interest in different religious traditions, history and perspectives.

Thank you, Mike, for asking me to be a guest blogger while you are on vacation. I look forward to this opportunity.


Angela-Eloise said...

Hi Sojourner!

pssst... It's me, the blogger formerly known as Nixie.

I'm eager to see your guest blogging, having recently been through that experience myself. ;)

But I'd really, really like to talk to you about the psych program you are doing. It sounds like we may be interested in some of the same things and I'd like to compare notes. Email me some time!


Sojourner said...

Nix... I mean Angela-Eloise -


I would love to "talk shop" about psych programs, research interests, etc. I will email you - oh wait. You still have the same email address, right? (I mean, if you change your name...... LOL)